Open partial 2 weeks ago. Recovery stories?

Hi there!
I had an open partial Nephrectomy 2 weeks ago. I'm 29 years old and my tumor was small. 2.5 cm
Stage 1. I was not able to do laproscopic because of tumor placement so I have that big scar on my abdomen. I'll take that scar over cancer any day! Haha! I was in the hospital for 5 days and am home now. I'm still in a lot of pain and was wondering if anyone had the same operation and was wondering what their recovery was like and how long it took to start feeling good again, you know things like that. Thanks for reading and love to all!

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    Dear K,

    There are several discussions and many posts on this board regarding recovery. Everybody's recovery is a little different. Generally yours should be a little easier because of your age. Mine was 9 years ago at age 59 and it took about 6 weeks until I felt "normal". You should feel a little better each day. Do not do as a young mother did 3 months after surgery and go on a roller coaster. Wait until next summer for that.

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    As Icemantoo and Jamie both said each surgery is different, and recovery time is different for each person. As for me I went into the hospital on Thrusday to have the surgery and came home Saturday Morning, So most of my recovery time was home time. it took me about 6 weeks to feel better, I was still a bit sore even now at 11 weeks. the most important thing I had to remember was to do only what the body would allow. I had some time in the time out corner because I would over do and I paid the price for that. so take my advice and do not over extend yourself. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.

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    Feeling good again vs...
    Well, feeling good versus not feeling the pain can take a while. A year and a half after surgery, there is still tenderness and numbness in the area of the wound. You will have referred pain for a good couple of months so don't be afraid to ask for medication to help that. I went from dilaudid to Vicadin. I was on Vicadin, as needed, for a good couple of months to deal with the referred pain that would build up over the day. I usually needed them at night when I would lay down. It took a month before I could even think of laying on my side.

    I was on the Dilaudid for at least the four weeks that I was out after surgery. I set my alarm and took it as prescribed to stay in front of the pain. The worst mistake is to try to pull yourself off of pain meds early. If you are still having pain when you try to reduce your dosage, ask for more BEFORE they run out. This is one area where I did not worry about asking for more drugs because this is a VERY invasive surgery and they cut through a LOT of tissue.

    Once it is manageable, have them move you to a less strong med to allow you to function more but deal with the pain as it appears.

    Good luck!!!

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    Open partial recovery
    Hi K,
    I was diagnosed by accident on May 28 & had my open partial on July 14 so I'm now 6 weeks post op. My renal cell carcinoma was 3.4 cm clear cell stage 1 & I'm grateful for the gift of life. Welcome to the statistic of being another survivor! My post op with the surgeon was August 8 & he remarked at how well I was doing. I was pain free & had not taken pain meds for a week. My daughter drove me to the appt & she wasn't an experienced driver so I had to get behind the wheel in the parking garage to straighten out the car & it was clearly not a good idea as the pain returned. The end of my 4th week post op I needed tylenol PM to sleep thru the pain.. I didn't want to take the oxtcontin that got me thru the awful pain of the 1st & 2nd week due to the constipation. It is now 6 wks post op & I feel mostly good. I'm still almost always exhausted and sleep in fits & starts though I can do 4 to 5 hrs at night. My incision is above my waist on the right side and looks better each day but there is still a lot of swelling above it. Pain? Nada! I'm using silicone sheeting in the hope of avoiding a keloid (I developed a large ugly one on my neck after carotid artery surgery in 1995 following a stroke and had to have cosmetic surgery to correct it). I started driving about 4~1/2 wks post op but again, the fatigue....I'm retired but doing preparation for a trial I'm in with my ex husband who is a lawyer. I'm not a lawyer but can't afford one so I'm doing computer stuff and a lot of paperwork. I mention this only because I can't imagine how anyone could return to work other than part time. The fatigue and sometimes discomfort of sitting positions, is distracting and frustrating to those of us who want to be active again. Everyone is different and we have to listen to our bodies. Take no chances, take it slow and be grateful for each day. I wish you well. You will be feeling better and better each week, especially when you're up to walking. That's the best exercise for now. My doctor doesn't want me in the gym til I'm 6 mos post op so I count the weeks.
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    hows the recovery going?
    Havent seen you post in a litte while, how are you doing with your recuperation? Hope all is well and things are as they should be..... My best :)