How long will fatigue and dizziness go on?

Mum has got uterus cancer stage 3.After 6 weeks of CISPLATIN and 25 radiotherapy cures,she spends all the day either sleeping or lying on the bed.Besides she has got terrible abdomen pain especially after she goes to the toilet. I just wonder if all this is normal and how long will it go on as it is 12 days since she finished with the chemo and one week for radiotherapy.
Thank u in advance. Hugs.


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    I had stage 2, only had 6 months of chemo, and finished a month ago.
    I still feel dizzy.

    I had an appointment with my gyn/onco, and also one with my PCP, and they both agreed taking B12 and Folic Acid since I am anemic.

    I do not feel fatigued often. I do not know your mother's age or physical condition; however, physical activity is very important during recovery.

    Of course, she does not need to force herself to do anything, since only she knows what her body is asking her for.

    I was told by the chemo nurse during treatment to rest when I felt tired, but to try to at least walk when feeling less tired and fatigued.

    Overall, I would contact the doctor and ask the question.
    I hope she feels better soon.