Chemo treatment on hold

We just got back from our vacation to beautiful Kauai with our 3 teenage grandchildren (17, 16 and 13). Since my husband was in between chemo treatments we thought this would be a good time to take a summer vacation. He was feeling good and wasn’t due for chemo until we got back from our vacation. We were all planning to take a boat tour to the Napali coast, on our way to the boat my husband said that he wasn’t feeling well and wouldn't be going with us and that we should all go. When we got home he said that he had pain in the right side of his rib cage felt like indigestion. The pain wouldn’t go away he was in so much PAIN...finally couldn't take it any longer, drove him to the emergency where they ran tests and determined that his gallbladder was gangrene and severely damaged and that it needed to be removed. They wouldn’t release him to fly back home to do the surgery, wouldn’t take the risk. He had the surgery and all was well. We continued our vacation, however for him he had to recover with limited activity. We are all back home now and he is doing much better. We’ve seen his oncologist last week and he is concerned that continuing chemo would be too risky. Need to make sure that he is completely healed from surgery. Chemo has been postponed for 4-6 weeks. Wow, does anyone out there just feel that they don’t get a break. We're still doing our best to stay positive.

Hope everyone is doing well. God Bless.


  • dixiegirl
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    What a bummer
    Just try to stay positive and know that he'll be fine although delaying chemo stinks.

    Take care,
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    Just a little bump in the road.....
    Hi Faith,
    Sometimes it feels like we can't catch a break, but actually this is probably just one of those little bumps in the road as he goes through this crazy cancer journey. It sounds like his doctor has his best interest at heart and wants to make sure he's completely healed before starting chemo back up. Try to consider this as a little mini vacation from chemo and make the best of it. I had my chemo today and feel pretty good other than a bit tired from the pre-meds before my infusion. Take care and keep us informed. Glad you at least went on vacation and had some fun before his surgery took place. Best wishes...Sue