OT Glacier Park

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Yesterday was a dream come true. First we drove about an hour to the Prince of Wales hotel in Canada. Spectacular! The hotel looks like a giant chalet and is located very high on a ridge overlooking a glacial lake. Beautiful mountains all around. On the way back, we saw a mama bear and cub munching berries and we got a good photo with our telescopic lens. We hiked around the lake at Many Glacier. Very serene with more lovely views. Finally we drove the Going to the Sun road and were delighted by the bighorn sheep grazing by a stream. A big one looked right at us as if to pose. This evening we get back aboard the train and spend a final night. Then we are onto Seattle What an adventure! The very best part is that cancer has definitely been on the backburner. So take that cancer! I have felt you Kindreds the entire trip. I wish you were all here!


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    You look so happy in your
    You look so happy in your picture. Love that you are having such a good time, it sounds beautiful. You are proof that we can continue living while battling this disease! Love Seattle, one brother lives in downtown Seattle area, one in Millcreek, and a sister in Edmonds, it is a beautiful city.

    Enjoy spending time with your sister!

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    I am so happy for you!
    I hope that the remainder of your trip is as uplifting and energizing as the first part. Enjoy!

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    Sounds beautiful
    Wow....Sounds beautiful...so glad you have a good time. Cancer on the backburner - just where we all want it!

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    Your description brings back
    Your description brings back memories (I once lived not far from Glacier)! So glad you are having a good time. Don't forget to wave today! xoxoxo Lynn