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Hi I was just wondering if anyone has experienced IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) as an "extra" problem and unconnected to OVCA? I have recently had an ultra-sound of my tummy and I have NO ascites yet I become bloated after every meal. I feel full and often get bloating in the evening. But during the day when I am moving around and inbetwee nmeals my tummy is OK.

I was diagnosed with IBS a few years before I got PPC and I was wondering if my symptoms are connected to my PPC or just IBS???

Thanks Tina xxx


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    i have diverticulosis, and my endo doc said i also have IBS...
    chemo was very hard on my intestinal fortitude, and i ended up
    staying in the hospital after two of the chemo treatments

    endo doc prescribed Hyoscamine, and it seems to help out
    i take herbal remedies as well as Dicyclomine every day, and
    have to fight off a migraine every day... i take Feverfew to keep
    migraine at bay

    not sure if the chemo made things worse, or just the fact that
    i am aging...probably both
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    Leaky Gut
    I don't have IBS, although I did have it a number of years ago. I did experience some bloating after meals, fairly frequently after chemo. I have been working with a naturopath on a number of things, including leaky gut. She says it can take up to two years for it to heal, and it is a result of stress to the body (I imagine surgery and chemo fall into that catagory) and food sensitivities. One thing that tends to aggravate it is gluten. Anyway, lately I've noticed the bloating after meals has reduced considerably. I've been working on the leaky gut thing for about a year. I don't eat gluten, among other things, and I take a product that is supposed to repair the gut, called Intestinal Repair.
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    I have been battling IBS
    I have been battling IBS right after treatment I went tow days without having a BM then had the runs for one day that was yesturday and nothing but gas today. I think it has to do with me not moving much after the treatment and not eating then I take milk of magnesia to get it going again and it gives me the runs. I am on doc-q-lace daily but it does not work right after the treatments.


    only here can we talk so openly about our poop lol