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I've had brachythearpy one year ago. I am in the 2% whom did not respond as most. Ive been catherizing for a year. I urinate only 150cc on my own and cath 3 times daily voiding 900cc total. Ther are times I feel my prostate which I didn't have before the procedure. I've had 9 UTI's in one year has anyone experienced anything remotely similar,and a possible course of action


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    good old bracky
    Mine didn't work either. Burned me up down there. finally had to have bladderr connected to stoma and a foley catheter installed. My urethea was tied off to stop incontinence but it still leaks, have to wear a pad.

    The UTI's are killers I know and they get to the point that the antibiotics don't work. I don't know if it would work in your case but see if a foley catheter could be provided. It is changed once a month therefore greatly decreasing the UTI's
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    Sorry BT Didn't Work For You Guys
    Thanks for your stories. Sorry that BT didn't work for you guys but your experience was why I didn't choose it for myself and don't recommend it for others.

    The success of BT largely depends, just like surgery, on the skill of the urologist and radiation oncologist planning the pattern and amount of radiation to be used in each of the seeds and on the actual placement of those seeds. Even if all of this is done perfectly, the seeds can still migrate throwing off the treatment and resulting in the kinds of problems that you experienced.

    I chose CyberKnife (SBRT) which IMHO offers the most precise method of external radiation delivery w/o the uncertainties of BT. It's not perfect either but it's far better than anything else currently available. The jury's still out on my treatment but I've had no side effects and I don't have to use a catheter or diaper pads. No UTIs or ED either. So, I'm happy for now.

    I wish you both luck in resolving the problems you're experiencing.
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    Which isotope?
    I am curious as to which isotope was used, Iodine-125, Palladium-103, or Cesium-131? Also, was this the only treatment given?