Genetic Testing- Request advice


As I posted earlier, my 5 yrs old daughter earned her wings a week back. She was battling against the deadly ATRT brain cancer. We had only one child and at this point in time we are all shattered. She was our life and we are not able to think anything beyond her loss.

While we would never be able to stop missing her, many of my relatives & friends want us to have another baby as early as possible so that the void is filled.

One worry which is troubling us now is that even if we plan for a second kid whats the assurance that it won't have an ATRT? How to ascertain that what happened to my daughter was all sporadic and not genetic.

Our doctors confirmed that the chances the next kid having it are very very less probably equal to any random/ normal child having it. But we are still not satisfied. We having seen the trauma are very baffled. Is there any way we could rule out any such possibility.

Please advise.




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    hi there, I am so sorry
    hi there, I am so sorry about your daughter. My daughter is an only child also and she has brain cancer. This has been the hardest thing in my life to deal with. My opinion about having another baby to fill the void is the wrong reason to have a child. As for genetic testing, well it can't hurt. The more info that you have the better. Good luck with your decision and again, I am really sorry about your daughter