My experience with Watch and Wait

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I was DX in June 2011 with fNHL stage III grade 1. My onc wants to watch and wait. I go back in October for my first recheck. The loss of sleep was making me miserable. I took Ambian for a month so that I could sleep but soon found that it made me very depressed. It took me four nights to get off of the sleeping pill, but I did and then I joined a gym. It has been the greatest experience. I am also working with a trainer twice a week to get myself strong for what is yet to come. The exercise has changed my mental outlook as well as my physical well being. I am sleeping and eating better and hope to loose a few pounds in the process. (I am 60 and out of shape). All of you have helped me so much just my reading your experiences and I wanted to share this with you.


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    Your story is so uplifting! Whether it's Watch-N-Wait or just post-chemo checkups it feels like watch-n-wait to me, and I agree exercising and eating healthy has helped me too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs =)
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    Hi Donna,
    Glad to hear you joined a gym. Exercise is so good for boosting energy and helping our bodies to feel better. It's just hard for me to do it and then stick with it. I'm babysitting my new granddaughter 2 1/2 days a week and she is about all the exercise I can handle right now...ha! My onc prescribed ambien for me to take during my chemo, but I only took it one night and quit...didn't like the way it made me feel, and it only helped me sleep for 4 hours. I read a few articles on it and was surprised to hear about the weird things people have done while taking it...make food in the middle of the off in their cars....sounds crazy huh? I hope you didn't experience anything strange. You take care and try to relax until your October check up.
    Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-stage3-grade2-typeA(indolent)-diagnosed June 2010)age 60.