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Hello. I was diagnosed on July 20th after a d & c. I have had ct scans that are clear and all of my tumor makers are low. CEA was .7, Ca 19.9 was i think 5 and Ca 125 was 14.4. The histology said grade 2/3. I don't know much of anything else. I am having a hystorectomy on Aug 24th. I am seeing a GYN/ONC at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State University. Dr.Fowler. After meeting the onc, I am not sure I feel any better. He said right now there is not evidence of spread but he can't cant answer all the what ifs until after the surgery. I am trying to think ahead and I dont know if I want to do Chemo or Radiation. i have a read a lot of negatives about both. I don't want that the be the cause of death that it made my immune system too weak to fight. I was hoping to talk to someone that has used alternitive therapy. Are there any questions I should be asking? I worry about every ache and pain that I have whether it is burning in my throat or a random pain. I should also mention the the preliminary histology said endometroid adenocarsinoma. I would love to hear advice or just have someone to talk to. My family and friends are great and continue to reassure me that it will all be taken care of during the hystorectomy. Im scared and I know one thing for sure and that is that I am not ready to die!



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    I felt the same way!!!
    Dear Jerri,
    I felt the same way 2 years ago when diagnosed. I was not ready to die then. I am still alive and kicking 2 yrs later. I chose to have the conventional treatment at MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER in Houston. You can read my bio for the details. I had no ill effects.

    In my opinion the time between diagnosis and treatment (whatever kind you choose) is the worst. For me it got better with time. Each morning I wake up and think well here is another day I get to live. Good doctors, support (with whatever you choose), and a fighting spirit helps a great deal. Prayer has been my source of comfort in the rough times.

    Sorry for your diagnosis, but glad you joined the group. There are lots of different opinions here. The ladies are a great source of help, information and support.
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    Hi Jerri:
    Sorry for your

    Hi Jerri:

    Sorry for your recent diagnosis. I know that the diagnosis has scared the "@#*#( out of you. But hang in there. I was diagnosed with Endometrial Adencarcinoma Grade 2, Stage ii/iiia back in 2005. I did have a total hysterectomy (not for cancer, but they found it after the fact). So I had a staging surgery which came back all negative and clear and my diagnosis of Grade 2, Stage ii/iiia. My CA125 never was an indicator. After my staging surgery it was 21 and then from there anywhere from 1 to 11.

    Even though after my staging surgery wherein they found nothing else and all cancer was previously removed, I did go and have preventative treatment. I had chemo and then six months later had 3 brachythereapies. I did not have pelvic radiation due to the fact that I was severely scarred from endometriosis that I had.

    Although I had always said that I would never ever have chemo, the thought of random cells running around bothered me and I knew I would worry about every ache and pain so I opted to have the chemo. So I had a port inserted (which was just recently removed). I finished chemo in 2006 and have had no other treatments since. The normal course of chemo is usually taxol and carboplatin, but I could not tolerate taxol so they put me on gemzar. I was still able to work and take care of my family. It was that two days after my treatment, I would get very very tired and have to rest. I did and still do get regular CT Scans or PET Scans and of course my regular mammogram checkups, etc. You will still get PAP Smears too.

    Jerri, don't be afraid to ask questions. It is ok. If something doesn't seem right, just ask or get a second opinion. Remember, it is your decision on what to do. The doctor is there to give you advice.

    My best to you.

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    Jerri Welcome~
    I sense your uneasiness with cancer,,,,we've all been there. With time it does get better,but know at the beginning it's so, so frustrating. I wanted to not do any of the Western treatments, but couldn't find any real "qualified" information to direct me otherwise. I chose the chemo and radiation and then stepped into the alternative options to build up and keep my immune system running full speed ahead.

    Today after completing treatments 2 years ago I'm NED ( no evidence of disease). I eat a basic plant and fruit diet, olive oil with turmeric, no sugar, whey protein shakes, no meat, limited fish due to mercury, watch the type of products I use on my body as many have harsh chemicals in them. This is my only way of control.

    You'll find a few of us on this site did not do treatmnents and are doing very well, but that is something you will have to decide as I couldn't do it.

    Now what I can do is be positive and reduce the stress to get thru my life. None of us wants to die too soon, therefore, we hold hands to help each other.

    Best to you,
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    Sorry you must join us here
    Sorry you must join us here Jerri. As others have noted, the treatment you choose to pursue is very individual and depends on many factors. One that you do not have yet but will after your surgery is the Stage of cancer which is determined by how little or advanced the cancer is. That info combined with the Grade which defines how aggressive these cells are will give you a better perspective to decide on your preferred course of treatment. Each case is quite individual and as unique as you are :-) You are doing great to start researching now to be as informed as possible. This site is a fantastic resource of the collective experiences and treatment options others have pursued.
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    Sorry to meet you here ,but welcome to The Sisterhood.
    I have a similar Dx but until after your surgery and path report and staging things are a bit muddy.
    I am NED six months since Chemo , did not have radiation, not recommended by my Onco.
    this is the hardest most frustrating time, once you know more you can mobilize for action!