CRC and vitamin D;plus excercise vs TV

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which is a layperson's (one i can understand)version of the original posted at,titled "Vitamin D Receptor Deficiency Enhances Wnt/B-Catenin Signaling and Tumor Burden in Colon Cancer" which,with footnotes, is 21 pages of "science"

also, in a report on a study from Taiwan and another in Australia,"For Longer Life, Exercise 15 Minutes A Day and Cut TV Hours" at


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    another great morning here
    hi steve,

    Thanks again, this is great news. I hope everyone reads the article.
    How many lives lost because this vitamin D news is not being circulated.
    Even one is too much!!
    From the article..............
    "In light of these findings, chronic vitamin D deficiency represents a risk factor in the development of more aggressive colon tumours. Patients in the initial stages of colon cancer, the time when the VDR still has a substantial presence in the cells, could benefit from being treated with vitamin D3. However, this would not be useful in the advanced stages of the disease when the presence of the VDR is very much reduced."

    Its so easy and cheap. I take 10 drops every morning on the palm of my hand,
    gee its about 10 seconds a day to protect yourself. sorry but that just so hard.
    who wants to survive anyway ?????? I do.

    your doctors are not telling you about these.
    the reasons is they need evidence based medicine.
    I hope you have time to wait for evidence based medicine.
    every single day lifestyle and supplements can make a difference to whether we live or die.
    read the studies and do whats right for you!
    for me this is what patient networks are all about.

    can you check the link, its about hernia and a butter knife.
    A Californian man tried to operate on himself to fix a protruding hernia with a butter knife and a lit cigarette - his wife found him and called emergency services. Apparently, the 63-year-old man was fed up with his hernia and wanted to sort it out there and then.
    Frustrated with his hernia and not wanting to wait any longer for a medical procedure, he plunged the knife into his lower abdomen, his wife told police.


    ps everyone is welcome to join the walking post