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Debulking on the 11th. Hysterectomy, omentum and 6" of colon. Doc still put in a port for IP therapy. I remember many of you saying that bowel issues were what made IP not an option.

Pain medication was fairly light, morphine pump for first 12 hours but by the time I woke up it would take about 40 minutes / 4 pushes to help the pain, then 10mg percocet only if I asked for it. Discharged with only 35, 10 mg tablets. Doesn't seem like enough--am I being a wimp here?

Also, (pretty graphic) my outer labia are very swollen--so much so that it buries everything else. Weird? or normal?


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    Pain Meds
    It seems that everyone is different when it comes to pain related to the surgery. Personally, I was on heavy, heavy pain meds after surgery and throughout chemo. If I tried to back off, the pain was unbearable, and I have a high pain tolerance. It could have been due to the fact that I had 3 bowel resections as part of the surgery. I have seen others on this board, however, that took very few pain meds after surgery. I would say, see how it goes and if what you have isn't doing enough, let your doctor know. They don't want you to grin and bear it.

    As far as the swelling, I didn't experience that amount of swelling in that area, but I did experience some. I doubt it is abnormal, but you may want to ask your doc. I had a lot of trouble with edema for many months after surgery. So, all of my lower body was swollen for quite some time.