Husband was just diagnosed...

My husband was diagnosed on Aug 12 with Hodgkin's Lymphoma...he goes in Monday for a PET scan to stage it. I have no idea what to expect after this...he had two masses in his neck that have already been removed. So what will this mean now?


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    Waiting is hard
    Hi Lady, I was diagnosed on Aug 12 three years ago. I have Non-Hodgkins which is a different animal and I don't know a lot about Hodgkins except that it is curable. This is a scary time right now and unfortunately there are no answers for you today. The waiting is at times unbearable, but you WILL have your answers. The panic of the "what ifs" and "whys" and "what now?" run crazy, but -try- not to worry too much until you have to. Let the doctors run their tests and get the answers and make your decisions as the situations come. The PET will show where the cells are and how intense, that will help determine the course of treatment. You're on a wild ride and things won't be easy but never give up and always believe.
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    Lady Stork
    Hi I know how scary it must be for you. You both will make it through this. It is curable and you are young. This is a difficultt journey and if you have faith, God's strength will get you through. Stay strong and positive. Your love for each other will be stronger than ever when you get to the other side of this journey. Hugs Joanie
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    What did you find out?
    Hi LadyStork,
    I was wondering what you found out after your husbands CT scan on Monday? The first few months after diagnosis were very scary for me. With all the tests and waiting for results, I thought I would go nuts! But...once my chemo treatments got started and I had the first 2 rounds under my belt, I finally started to settle down. Please let us know how things go for your husband. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
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    Hear your concerns
    My husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last February, stage 4 because it was in his bone marrow. He also noticed two large masses in his neck, they removed the mass on his right side and diagnosis’s was confirmed. We were very scared and concerned, but stayed focused and decided that we weren’t going to let this get the better of us. He has now gone through 5 cycles of Chemo (Rituxan and Bendamustine). Recent CT scan confirm masses have largely decreased in size. He is scheduled to complete one more cycle and then will be on a maintance treatments to keep masses from reoccurring.

    I am not going to sugar coat this because there will be some tough times ahead, for you both. For him, going through Chemo and for you as the caregiver, having to see him go through this. Stay focused, keep positive and have faith. My prayers are with you both and I wish you both the very best. God Bless.
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    i know what your going through...
    i wish you and your husband all the best and pray everything works out.
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    c4nd1s said:

    i know what your going through...
    i wish you and your husband all the best and pray everything works out.

    So sorry hope all is going good!
    I had stage IV-E Hodgkins.. being happy and positive is important to beat this.. I think it is more hard on the family than the person with cancer. After biopsies, chemo he will be watched carefully to see if comes back. Mine was in my neck and throughout the chest.. I was diagnosed so late.. I am now 26 years free of Cancer yes.. I am in my 50's and a grandma :) Prayer and Love and Happiness.. stress free atmosphere is helpful! :)hope all is well!