update on chemo

Hi to all, my husband Ian had his 2nd round of iv chemo on thurs, and this time he is coping much better, no reaction! he has started to eat and has gained weight, the ascites has not returned, so all in all not too bad. He has 2 more rounds of chemo, ( he also takes tabs at home xeloda ) to do then a scan, we both wonder what happens next, did not want to ask too many questions untill after chemo. This journey all started last Aug 2010, this is second line chemo for him. All the posts are most promising. will keep you updated. Love to all.


  • daBeachBum
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    I am so pleased!! I too responded to chemo in the same way and other than having a few days of being dog-tired after each chemo treatment (been six months) feel like a champ almost all the time. I hope it is the same for your hubby :-)

    I hope you two plan a great night out, or something else that he loves to do to celebrate!

    Strength and love,