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My 65 year young mom has been fighting stage IV PPC for over 2 years, in nearly non-stop chemo(she had one 3 month break).

She was stable on various chemos over the past year or so. Once her cancer started to show progression, her chemo was changed to gemzar, cisplatin, and avastin. She has had 3 rounds, or 9 weeks of this combo. Today's CAT Scan and CA125 showed IMPROVEMENT! Not just stability, but improvement! Plus, Mom is feeling better.

This is the best news ever. I hope all of you have this type of news asap!


  • stella65
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    Really pleased for you and your mum, hope she continues to feel better, perhaps the new chemo is going to work wonders for her

    Love to you both X
  • Tina Brown
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    Oh wow
    What fantastic news. Sometimes we think that the only way is down with our cancer. It is so lovely to readthat your mum's new chemo regime is improving her quality of life which must give her and you such peace of mind.

    Improvement is the best thing you can hear and I only hope it continues this way.

    Love Tina
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    This is wounderful! My mum is staged IV of PPC and has done 7 months now..and counting! I will pass this wounderful news to her and I know she will be encouraged by it. Thansk you for sharing and wishing the improvement will keep on!

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    Thank you for posting
    Just proof that when one chemo stops working, there is always the option of trying another.

    Thank you for the news and I'm hoping for continual shrinkage!

    Best wishes,