honey (not the sweetheart kind!)

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I have been doing the no sugar thing for almost a year now. Going not too badly. I have a small piece of dark chocolate most days (which is supposed to be good for us) and use organic agave syrup when sugar is required (I still eat grains and use the agave when I bake - with organic ww flour and organic spelt flour). My question is: where does honey fit with the no sugar plan? I have read quite a bit on it but find opposing thoughts - some info says very good, others say stay away. I have been using organic, unpasturized honey on occasion for a sweet treat. Anyone have any ideas on this? - Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    My integrative med specialist at MSKCC
    recommends using honey or stevia in place of refined sugars.
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    a carb by any name...
    Honey has other important nutrients in it but we don't count the fructose as a positive for our carb challenged bodies. We try to minimize simple, highly absorbable sugars.

    If push comes to shove on treatment options, one of the treatment strategies we will consider is running on ketone bodies from high quality fats, and beta hydroxybutyrate (a ketone body) directly, to starve tumors but not the body and brain.