Question about PET/CT scans

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Hi everyone, I was just wondering about PET/CT scans. Do people mostly get these scans as opposed to just a regular CT scan. I understand that they are more superior then just a regular CT scan.

If anyone gets these instead of just CT scans, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'd like to know if you got the PET/CT while still undergoing chemotherapy or was it done after you finished all chemotherapy.



  • LaundryQueen
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    Never had a PET/CT
    This test was never offered to me--I asked about having one in the middle of chemo but was told that it wouldn't be appropriate to do one. I don't know how the decision is made to do this test. It is supposed to be a functional test--so that if you have some spots show up on a CT, those spots may or may not be cancer. But if they light up on the PET, then you have some kind of active process going on--either cancer or inflammation. In the end, there is no perfect test because the cancer has to be over 1 cm in size in order to show up on the test.

  • jloe
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    Much more thorough!
    The combination is significantly more thorough than the CT alone. The active cancer cells will be highlighted in the PET scan even if they are very tiny. Many times the very tiny cells will not be clear on a CT scan because they are too small. Here is a website that explains the procedure and what to expect and how it works My gyn/onc relies on them for his patients and particularly for me because my CA125 is always low so that alone is not a good indicator. I have had at least 10+ in the past 5 years and it’s been a fabulous tool that has assisted my doctor in managing this awful disease. I ussually have them after the chemo cycle is finished but if I had problems he would have one done before the cycle is finished. He also orders a full body scan that includes your head all the way through the entire abdominal and pelvis areas. There was a recent post from Leesa G. urging everyone to make sure your doctor includes the head and neck as well. I was shocked to hear that some do not. I hope this website answers most of your questions and good luck. J