8 weeks out

Randall72 Member Posts: 34
Had RP in June 2011 now 8 weeks out,trying to keep a postive attitude,family and friends I look great,but feel that the emotional part now setting in.I am cleared to go back to work finally,on August 15 th.I hope that will help some.....change of scenery,lol. Go back next month for my 1st PSA after surgery.Hope I get 0's. Thanx for listening.Randall


  • lewvino
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    Every day gets better. As
    Every day gets better. As you start into your more normal routine it will help also. As you have most likely read the only bummers are waiting for PSA Results! Best wishes on a complete recovery!

  • Kongo
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    Randall, you're a "survivor" now. Celebrate. Get yourself a yellow (or blue) wristband, smoke a cigar, have a scotch (I prefer martinis), and look forward to getting back in the groove of work and interaction with the rest of the world. You've faced this beast in the eye, made difficult choices, and you're still here...and will be for a long time.

    We are always listening.