PET results today

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Good news today!!! Bill's pet scan of one week ago is free from any evidence of disease!! WooHoo. His blood work is great as well!. His anemia is essentially gone and all the other tests were great. Will see him again in 3 months. Have a CT scan in 6 months at which time the doctor is going to start decreasing the number of scans that he has. Everyone very pleased.

Also, found out that Bill was ultimately staged at 2A with N0 and M0. God bless those allergies that exacerbated his phlegm production.

Food tastes good now. He's forgetting to eat slowly, small bites, and chew, chew, chew. He pays for it.

Wondering: Does everybody take a PPI after the esophagectomy?? Bill was asymptomatic for GERD. Does he have it now? I dunno. In light of the new research just posted, makes you wonder should you take an OTC PPI or just chew Tums or Maalox. Any thoughts? He is now 16 months post Ivor Lewis.


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    That is wonderful news, congratulations!!!!!!! May he remain NED.

    My hubby, being stage ivb has not had surgery, but he has been prescribed a PPI. (teva rabeprazole) He was given this to take upon diagnoses. I have no idea whatsoever if it is better / worse / same as an otc. I would think that something like Tums would be faster acting if he only has occasional heartburn, gerd symptoms. Lee does pop the odd Tums here and there on top of the PPI.

    Sorry, can't be of more help....mostly I just wanted you to know how happy I am for you!
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    Great news!
    Congratulations to both of you! I TRULY share your joy!
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    So great to hear!! I LOVE reading these posts, keep the good news coming!

    My husband had a nissen fundoplication last year to correct a hernia and help with his constant GERD. After the surgery he no longer felt like he had acid reflux, WRONG! It was still there but asymptomatic, his new GI doc prescribed a PPI as soon as he was diagnosed with EC. His onc then prescribed Nexium as the first med was giving him bad headaches, he also said this isn't going to heal the kidding. Sometime docs say the weirdest things, but we like him so it is ok.

    Again WONDERFUL news! :)

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    What wonderful news!
    I'm so happy to hear that Bill's scan and blood work were good. It's the news we all want to hear. Hope you enjoy some normalcy for the next six months!
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    Hi, First let me say how
    Hi, First let me say how wonderful the news is. I celebrate with you!
    Three years since surgery and I still take OTC omeprazole. This seems to work better for me. A couple of times I've tried to go without it and I started having reflux pretty bad. If I roll off my wedge at night, I will get reflux and taking tums will give me quick relief, so I take both when needed-the omeprazole daily and tums when needed.
    I haven't read the new research on the otc meds.
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    Great news :)

    Great news :)
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    Wonderful News
    It is great to hear that Bill's scan results are NED!!!! Time to celebrate!!!!

    I am about 18 months post surgery and I take omeprazole 20 MG once in the morning and once prior to bed time. I used to take 40 MG at bedtime but I found it seems to work better for me if I split the dosage up.

    I also find if I eat a peeled apple about two hours prior to bedtime I very seldom have acid reflux at night. I always do this if I eat something spicy like pizza and it really seems to help.

    I did not notice I was having reflux after my surgery but when I went to have my annual follow up endoscopy the GI said be noticed some minor irritation he thought was reflux related and prescribed the PPI.

    Here's to many more clear scans in the future!!!!!

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams,
    McCormick, South Carolina
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    How awesome is that!!! I'm so happy for you and your family. Take care and will look out for more positive postings from you!!
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    So happy to hear your great
    So happy to hear your great news! Will pray for continued good reports in the months to come.
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    PET Results
    Wonderful news! It's so good to hear Bill is doing so well. My husband, Bob is on PPI Protonix. He will wake up some nights with reflux. The coughing can go on for hours with the burning acid. I, on the other hand, had extended period of sore throat, coughing, clearing of throat, and then trouble swallowing. I requested an endoscopy when I had my colonoscopy a coule of months ago. Come to find out I have silent reflux No heartburn or acid taste at all. Just the esophagitis as a result. It seems strange to have this, and I still find it hard to believe, but guess that is why it is call "silent reflux". So, we both sleep elevated and take our PPI's and try to not snack close to bedtime. True love! Linda
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    What wonderful news!!! I'm
    What wonderful news!!! I'm hoping for the same for my mom when she's finished with chemoradiation!