ascites or the CA125 test?

Nancy's surgeon at MSK told her she suspected peritoneal cancer after looking at the CT scan. The increase in the CA125 number from 35 to 51 gave her concern but it was the scan that I think convinced her. I suppose that means she saw ascites. But every thing I've read describe the symptoms of ascites as bloated belly from the fluid build up. And if she did see ascites but there is no abdominal bloating then wouldn't that mean it's not advanced? Grabbing for straws here and continuing with the cycle of hope/despair.


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    Hi nyartist...
    I had three and a half litres removed from my abdominal cavity in March. I was diagnosed when the surgeons took a fluid sample and they were able to see that there were cancer cells there. Not everyone who has peritoneal cancer has ascites though and the doctor may have seen evidence of inflammation instead. Plus, not everyone who has ascites/abdominal bloating has cancer as ascites can be caused by other conditions. It's hard to know how advanced your girlfriend's cancer is, but I always think it's best to wait to see what the doctors have to say. I know it's easy for me to say, but the imagination is such a powerful thing. I'm wishing your girlfriend well and let us all hope and pray that she has a condition that is helped much more quickly. :)