Stomach pain and obstuction

Any of you suffer from severe ovstuctions and/or adhensions in your stomach? Mum have a lot of trouble with "caking" causing her doing surgery for the second time now to bypass the "stop" so she can eat by herself.. Anyone else live with "a bag on your tummy" because of the ppc? A huge problem to mum besides the chemo..

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    intestinal obstructions
    I've had 6 bouts of intestinal obstruction and each time I was generally unwell and in a lot of pain. The routine is usually the same .. well, for me it has been .. vomitting, pain, admission to hospital, nil by mouth and the saline drip. Last time, I was nil by mouth for 7 days which I found hard. I think sometimes patients have a line in the nose to relieve pressure in the bowel. I've come through ok each time but a few years ago, I had a small bowel resection because the tissue was unhealthy with a rough papillary surface. I think this was the first indication of the cancer, but I wasn't told at the time exactly why it had been removed only that the tissue needed to come out and the bowel repaired. Had I known, I would have spoken to my doctors about abdominal biopsies when I was taken in with cholecystisis which is inflammation of the gallbladder. I can quite understand what your mum is going through from a pain and worry point of view though I haven't been fitted with a bag. I take Movicol drink each day which is a softening agent and take prunes with porridge. It's not pleasant but not unpleasant either. I think it helps. :)