Scans today

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We are in Houston now, and in the morning Rickie will be going in for a CT scan. We are praying for good results. In the afternoon we will have an appointment with the doctor to hear the results and see where we go from here. I will keep you all posted on what we find out.
Sunday we celebrated our 35th anniversary. The uncertainty of everything made it rather bittersweet, but we are determined to fight this together just as we have done with other obstacles that have come our way. I thank God everyday for giving me such a wonderful husband, and pray that He will give us more years together.
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    Scans today
    Best of luck with the C/T scans today. Hoping we hear some positive news from you.
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    Positive thoughts
    Congrats on your 35th wedding anniversary! I will be putting positive thoughts our for you and husband, good luck with the scan :)

    Wife of Jeff T2N1M0
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    So hope you get good news!
    So hope you get good news! Happy anniversary!
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    BMGky said:

    So hope you get good news!
    So hope you get good news! Happy anniversary!

    prayers for a great scan
    Dear Cher,
    Hoping and praying that a great scan is done today and you get good news tomorrow. take care,
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    Donna70 said:

    prayers for a great scan
    Dear Cher,
    Hoping and praying that a great scan is done today and you get good news tomorrow. take care,

    Happy Anniversary!
    I know the feeling of the bittersweet anniversary, We've only been married a little over a year, and our anniversary was in May..... It was wonderful celebrating, but very sad as well. I wish you many more happy days ahead.
    Hope you hear good news from your scans, please keep us posted.
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    You have my thoughts and prayers............
    Scan day is always tense. Best of luck to you. My 18 month post diagnosis scan is this thursday at Mayo, MN. I have butterflies already! God Bless........

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    Congrats and praying
    Congratulations on 35 years! We just celebrated 25 and I certainly understand the bittersweetness of it. Last year I never thought we'd see 25. Thankfully we did.

    Sending lots of prayers your way this afternoon. I hope you get good news about the scan.

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    Congratulations on 35 years, not many people can celebrate 35 years of marriage anymore, not to the same spouse anyway. Being married that long is a blessing. You have someone who knows you and you know them, you can be their strength and they know when they can lean on you. You have learned that over the years, just as you fought and overcome obstacles together. We will pray for strength for the both of you and may you enjoy every minute you have togehter and may that be measured in years.

    I really want to say some awe inspiring spiritual sentence here, but, just know that we are praying for you and may God bless the both of you.

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    Thinking of You
    I am thinking of you both today and praying that God will be with you through your journey. Thirty-five years with someone you love is a blessing and I pray you have many more. I understand the bittersweet as last year was our 35th anniversary and we had just heard the
    words you have esophageal cancer. I pray that your anniversary together is very special.

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    May there be many more Happy Anniversaries

    I know tomorrow will be a long and anxious day. You have my prayers that Rickie’s scan will show positive results. I am glad you will be getting the results the same day. Waiting for results is one of the most difficult things about living with cancer.

    I know the last month has been a challenge for you and Rickie with the issues with his last dilation and the time in the hospital. It seems the two of your have earned some good news for a change.

    I will be praying and looking for your update.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams
    McCormick, South Carolina

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    3/14/2011 CT Scan NED

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    It is good to get results
    It is good to get results the same day. I will have a scan next week and will have to wait a week for results. I will be saying extra prayers for Gods healing for Rickie.

    Happy anniversary! When living with a life changing illness every occasion becomes more and more sweet.

    I pray for God to keep reminding you in all His special ways, how much He loves His children.

    May God bless you both tomorrow with good results!

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    Well happy anniversary ! I
    Well happy anniversary ! I hope the test go good today. We will be praying for you both Cheyl and Rickie. My mother has stage 4 and just started her first chemo treatment yesterday. Were all in this journey togeather on this chat. I think the other half is having someone with you to help fight this. Ya'll take care.

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    My thoughts are


    My thoughts are prayers are with you and Rickie as you wait for the results. I will keep my fingers crossed since this drug combination seems to be having some good results and hopefully Rickie can continue with the treatment and the two of you can enjoy the days ahead with each other.

    Lots of love and hugs,