Chemo started AGAIN!

Well we are on the home stretch i hope. Mom thought she was getting just the taxol this past Friday. They did carbo/taxol. She than will get the taxol every friday for 9 weeks than he's gonna do imaging. I just know she's very tired, depressed, and nauseous. Tonite I made salmon and she ate that half a baked potato and two pieces of grilled squash. I try to give her something healthy. Salmon is good for you in soo many ways. Not only does it not upset her stomach, but it helps everything. Depression also.
It's gonna be very tough for her and i keep dreaming that she is dying from this. It takes her forever to recover when she had it every three weeks. How can she make it? It's too much.
She only takes motrin, stool softener, and pepcid. I thought the digestive problems would get better after the cancer shrunk. She can eat larger amounts which is wonderful. But, she still gets upset stomach, indigestion.
Anyway, I want this remission to happen. She deserves it. I don't know how much more I can watch. Some days it seems normal and all. Other days i watch her and get soooo sad. I just still can't believe it is all happening. Why does this crap happen to good people?