We are awesome!

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This morning I handed over the quilt squares and stories to the lady who is in charge of the quilt project. She had only 13 squares before I turned in our SEVENTEEN. Yep....we make up over 50% of the quilt. I am so proud of us!

She thinks the raffle tickets will be $1.00 each - 6 ofr $5.00, but that hasn't been voted on yet and the tickets haven't been printed. When it's all nailed down I will make her name/address available for anyone who wants to buy raffle tickets via the USPS. Or you can send the money to me, if that makes you more confortable, and I will buy them for you on the day of the 5K.

Becky (the quilt project lady) was diagnosed with Stage I, had very aggressive treatment (surgery, IP chemo, and IV chemo). She had only a 5% chance of a recurrence. She was NED for 3 years, then BAM - the nasty beast was back. Totally not what she expected.

Becky is going to send me the info about a camp she attends for OC survivors. She has met 150 or so survivors and many of the long-term survivors were diagnosed at Stage III and IV. One has gone 18 years with no recurrence. These are ladies we should all meet!



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    Thank you!!!!
    Thank you for coordinating all of this. You really do a lot for all of us. I'm really anxious to see the finished goods!!!!!! OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
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    18 yrs?
    That is awesome news. Since being diagnosed I've been desperately searching for stories of long term survivors. I've heard a few but mostly they are probably out living their lives. It always makes me feel good to hear of one. Every article you read about ovarian cancer starts with the deadly statistics.
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    Thanks for all the
    Thanks for all the information you provide. I am really interested in hearing about the camp.

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    to everything you said! And THANK YOU again, Carelne and Mary!!!
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    YAY US! Camp sounds
    YAY US! Camp sounds awesome, I would love to attend!