update on me....

Hi everyone. It has been a long, long time since I posted anything as I haven't felt that I had much advice to offer these past few months.
I have followed the posts and have prayed for everyone. This disease is a bear but I know that it can be beat and pray for a cure for ALL cancers.

For those of you that know me, know that we were blessed with a surprise pregnancy shortly after my father's passing. Well, she has finally arrived. Our daughter was born on Friday, July 29th at 1017 am and weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 21 inches. She is a beautiful, healthy baby. She brings me such joy... it makes me sad that dad is not here to enjoy her. He would be so excited to have a granddaughter to love and spoil. No matter what, I do know that he is watching over us.

Life is good. My daughter is a gift to all of us, so much more precoius that I ever imagined. I never fell in love so quickly in my life.

I have posted a picture of her. Not sure how to post others but wanted all of you to meet my miracle baby.

Please take care of yourselves.... stay strong and kick cancer's a$$!!

Warm regards,


  • Donna70
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    beautiful miracle baby
    Dear Melissa,
    I remember your story about your miracle baby and now we get to see her in the flesh. She is so beautiful!!! I am sure your Dad is smiling in heaven so glad that he sent a little miracle to help heal your hearts. Thanks so much for sharing her pic with us, it means a lot to see happy news here. take care and enjoy your little one.
  • Manf88
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    what a beautiful baby! She
    what a beautiful baby! She will change your life in so many ways you could never imagine. Congrats and enjoy her!
  • mruble
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    She's adorable
    What a beautiful little girl. What a blessing she must be to you and your family. Congratulations and thanks for posting the picture!

  • sandy1943
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    Melissa, She is beautiful.
    Melissa, She is beautiful. God is so Good to give you this miracle baby during this difficult time in your life.
    Please keep in touch, Sandra
  • linda1120
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    I sure do remember your story and am so happy to hear about and see your beautiful miracle. What a beauty she is. Enjoy her and I am sure your father is smiling from Heaven.

  • unclaw2002
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    Congratulations -


    Congratulations - she is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news with us. Enjoy your new baby - I am sure she is a blessing to you and your husband. Hopefully your mom is able to enjoy her after all the sadness your family has experienced the last year.

  • GerryS
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    And God Bless you and your little one. I have a grandson with a birthday on the same day! I took him to Wrigley field in Chicago for his first cubs game. Thanks for keeping us informed. I know your dad is grinning ear to ear, I know that grandfather happiness!