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My name is lesa ... My Husband who is the love of my life is currently undergoing His second round of chemo ... as a caretaker i know the importance in support and i'm not good at face to face ... so here i am ... i'm not sure what i'm looking for ... i'm just hoping for some interaction and maybe i can lend some support


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    Welcome to our forum and
    Welcome to our forum and sorry to read about your husband. You will find some here that post often and others once in awhile and of course those that just read. Feel free to participate in anyway you want to.

    If you like you could start by sharing with us more about yourself and husband, what ever you are comfortable sharing such as how old he is, What his original PSA Score, and Gleason score were if you remember. What his primary treatment was or was it advanced cancer and started right into chemo treatments. There are 'no set rules.' Many men, wifes, caregivers and children just like the online support of knowing others have been down this road also.

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