Reconstruction and Lymphedema

My quetsion is im looking into having reconstructive surgerie done i had a double mastectomy done and i just got diagnosed with lymphedema in my left arm where they took 15 lymphnodes can it Make your lymphedema worse after having surgerie ?


  • disneyfan2008
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    no advice...
    just wanted to tell you thinking of you...
    I have never had reconstruction (I had lumpectomy)

    I wish you the best

  • Rague
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    Can't help you
    Can't help you. I haven't had recon but do have lymphedema issues in arm, underarm and across chest. Not sure if the amount of lymphedema I deal with will have any effect on rather or not recon can be done. Being IBC, recon was not an option for at least a year and I'm not sure rather or not I even want to do it. I had an appt. with PS in May but canceled it as I decided that I didn't want to make a decision during the summer when I didn't want to miss any outdoor time (winters are brutal here so inside most of the time anyway) so will have an appt this fall and then decide rather I want to or not if it's even do-able for me.