Concerned about a friend...

A lady I attend church with is having a biopsy on her voice box tomorrow. She has been hoarse for quite some time. They have already told her it doesn't look good.

The reason I'm scared for her is because she also looks about 7 months pregnant. I think she's probably in her mid to late 50's would be my guess. I asked her if she felt full quickly after eating. She said yes. She's also had some back and leg pain. That certainly sounds familiar to all of us, I know.

I told her I didn't want to add to her anxiety, but she needs to ask about ovarian cancer. I'm just so concerned for her. She said 20 yrs. ago she had a benign tumor removed from her uterus. They only removed the uterus. She also said that nearly every member of her family, not living, has died with cancer.

Anyway, I knew all of us would understand what may be facing her. I'll try to keep you updated about her.



  • AnneBehymer
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    In my prays
    I and my mom will start praying for her now that it is not OC and that she will be fine. But if it is I will pray that she has the power to fight with all she has.

  • EnglishGal
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    My prayers are with her
    Yes, do keep us updated. I fervently hope it isn't ovarian cancer. My prayers are going out to her.