Just an update

Dale is now 19 months post esophageal cancer diagnosis. The oncologist told us at our last appointment that he is in "complete remission". We are so very thankful to have been given time that we never thought possible upon receiving the original diagnosis. We feel that we have been thru so much during the past 18 months, but he is getting stronger every day. We have relocated to our hometown to be with his family closer and our son, his wife, and two grandchildren who are 6 and 3. I don't post here very much, but I do read the discussion board every day. Prayers for everyone who is fighting the fight, and for the families of those who have lost their loved ones to this awful disease.


  • mruble
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    Great news!
    Wonderful to hear that Dale is in remission and feeling stronger. And how nice that you are now closer to your family so you can enjoy the grandkids more!

    Best wishes for continued good health. It's always great to hear good news!

  • cher76
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    So glad to hear your great
    So glad to hear your great news! This is the thing we all pray for. Will continue to pray for his good health.
  • linda1120
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    So good to hear from you
    What great news this is about Dale! It is hard to believe that it has been 19 months already. I know it must seem like a longer time than that. Thank you for the continued prayers, I do the same. We all have to stick together.