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I cut and pasted this from regarding the benefits gained from Fish oil supplements, personally I get Marks fish oil supplements from our local health shop rather than the local supermarkets, I think quality is really important.

Cancer treatments can leave patients with side effects such as changes in taste, mouth sores, fatigue and loss of appetite. All of these side effects can make it difficult to eat and can result in weight loss. Nutritional supplements can help cancer patients gain and maintain weight. However, always talk with your doctor before starting any supplement.

Fish Oil Supplements

According to Medline Plus, fish oil supplements have been found to prevent weight loss that can be caused by cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Fish oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids which has been shown to improve mood and behavior associated with depression. Taking 7.5 g of fish oil supplements a day has been found to slow the weight loss in some cancer patients. Scientists are not sure if patients' weight loss slows because because mood improvement.

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Anyways hope the info helps, I don't believe this is a miracle drug but I think it has many benefits.


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    Upon diagnoses Lee went to see a naturopath who recommended fish oil. He did suggest a few of the better brand names, those being
    Nordic, Eskimo or ascenta. Not sure if those are available in the states or not, but we had a hard time finding any of them here. We settled for the health food store brand.

    If you are interested, he also recommended several other things,

    8-16 oz day of either carrot or cabbage juice. (we tried the cabbage juice, it was undrinkable, and smelled up the house for days, so perhaps the carrot juice would be better)

    4000 IU / day of vitamin D drops

    5 mg of melatonin or triptophan at bed time

    90 drops per day of Maitake mushroom extract

    glutamine powder

    3000 mg / day tumeric at meal

    once or twice a week 25,000 mg of vitamin C, given as an IV, at naturopath clinic.

    Lee has not been regularly using all of these things, but just wanted to pass on the info, in case any of you are interested.