Thank you so much, ladies!

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Thanks so much for all your wonderful replies. I appreciate deeply every point of view that has been presented. All your replies have made me feel much better.

As I said in another posting, I see my friend in a new light now and I feel that my regard for her has lessened. I have certainly learned a lesson from all this.

And no, I am not ashamed of my outburst - I am only human. Jane has no idea what I've gone through, and how can she, she's perfectly healthy!

I consider all of you great friends and I am so happy I found this website. We all help each other.



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    We're glad...
    you found this website too.
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    Tethys41 said:

    We're glad...
    you found this website too.

    Validation of your feelings
    I read in a different post that you lost your mom to ovarian cancer. And your husband has his own health concerns, too. All things considered, you're doing pretty well dealing with your diagnosis. It's probably a good thing that stoic friend lives out of town.