Diagnosed 4/12/10 still battling Stage IV SCLC with Mets to brain. 1 year 5 months.

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Just wanted to give some hope out there not to give up.


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    way to go
    Way to go keep that going :}}}
    Thanks for your inspiration!
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    Thanks for the
    Thanks for the encouragement. My Mom was just diagnosed with Stage IV on 7-15-2011. It is all very scary. She's never been sick a day in her life. She had her 1st radiation treatment on Monday, her 68th birthday.
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    Courage and strength
    Lorisoto, You are, indeed, a courageous soul! Thank you for the inspiring post. God bless you in your continuing fight, that it may be victorious. Looking for many posts from you in the coming years!:) Stay strong and keep us posted. Cheryl
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    hey lori, you are awesome
    hey lori, you are awesome and such a fighter! My moms fiance, who i love very much and has been there for me since my father passed from cancer has now been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with brain mets. Can you respond to the thread i started? i havent gotten any responses and am very anxiously awaiting replies.
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    You go, Girl!
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    thanks for the encouragement
    It is always good to have someone to "follow."