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Platelets dropped 40 points again. How weird is that? 8.3 now. They are supposed to be at 100. 8 is when they give you a platelet transfusion. Tomorrow they won't give me radiation until after I have had a blood test. Hopefully this is nadir or whatever you call it and I will have finally pulled out. No chemo-therapy this week. I hope this doesn't interfere too much with treatment plan.


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    Are those cocker spaniels?

    OK, I'm going off subject, because I think I just recognized two
    cocker spaniels on your couch? I'm currently the "mother" of my
    fourth cocker, a B&W parti color. I have a t-shirt that says "She's
    not my pet; I'm her person." I hope your dogs are giving you as much
    comfort and laughter as mine gave me when I went through treatment.

    Sorry to hear about your platelets. I did OK with that; my burns
    were my personal hell. From reading all the posts it seems like we
    all had something, (mouth sores, burns, low platelets, etc...), but
    no one had everything thank goodness.
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    Make sure they pay attention
    I had everything. Make sure they pay attention to your platelets. They are very important. If they choose to delay chemo or radiation, let them. Rest when you can, and keep eating proteins.
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    Nadir will hit at day 14 in a cycle (mid-point). I'm not sure where you're at in your cycle, Sandy, but a platelet drop is not uncommon. Mine got very low, but not low enough to put a halt to treatment. I'm glad your blood counts are being monitored. Please let us know how the blood test comes out.