Way past due update

This is way overdue.

I am doing well and just got my power port out this morning, so finally I have no more foreign objects in my chest! Yeah! And of course the happy drugs have worn off and I am hurting. I just took a pain pill so I am really anxious for it to start working.

I am really falling down on the exercise part of this recovery because it's just been too wicked hot here. My hubby brought up my treadmill for me since it was in the basement but for some reason I just can't seem to get my lazy body on it LOL.

I go for my second checkup with my onc tomorrow and hopefully everything will still be good.
I will admit that I am enjoying not having to go to the clinic every day or so.

I know I was ready for my sister to go back home, but I AM missing her. I know she keeps telling me she is really missing Sam and Gidget...and me too haha. She even mentioned this morning she's considering moving back to Kansas City which really freaked me out. She has been in Texas for 30 years and has always liked it. I don't know what I'll do if she decides to do it.

I've been watching the boards and everything seems to be going good for everyone which makes me very happy! I am really worried about not hearing from Lisha.

My hair is beginning to come back and I can honestly say that my head looks "dirty" because I've been so used to it being white so it looks like it's going to come back dark again which I really liked last time.

Well, the pain pill is starting to work and I am rambling LOL.

Take care everyone,



  • JoanieP
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    I just got back from vacation and it is so nice to read your positive post. I am so glad you are doing well. We went to Maine and the time we were there it was 98 and a heat index of 109. The church was gorgeous for the wedding but NO air conditioning. It was much cooler in Florida. Keep healing . I know everyday is a great one when you feel well. Love ya Joanie