I'm hungry...again... any suggestions?

I lost around 45 lbs. before/after surgery. For the first time in my life I had a dr. refer to me as thin. My oncologist told me before I began chemo to not lose any more weight. Never did I think I would have a dr. say those words to me. I've always heard, "lose weight." :)

I know while taking chemo is not the time to diet. However, I have gained a few lbs. back. I want to maintain where I am now. Any suggestions about how to handle this hunger? I'm assuming it's the steroids? Maybe some healthy, low calorie snack ideas?

Does anyone else have this problem of feeling hungry most of the time?

Thanks Ladies.



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    I had the opposite problem while on chemo. I had no appetite and had to eat fattening food on the rare occasion I could eat. If your appetite for certain foods is not tainted by the effects of chemo, fruits and vegetables are a great option, low calorie and many with cancer fighting properties. Cakes, cookies, and breads are not really a healthy choice for anyone. That being said, however, chemo time is not a time to restrict your caloric intake. You still need healthy fats (coconut oils, coconut milk, and coconut butter are a good options) so your body can fight. I've been told that even following chemo you should not diet to lose weight for a year, so that your body can get the nutrients it needs to regain strength.
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    I lost a lot of weight during chemo
    and gained all of it back. I lost it of course because I was so sick but didn't start putting it back until about three months after my last chemo. I am now trying to lose that weight and more. I am quite overweight so it is beneficial to my health to do so. I am eating healthfully and following weight watchers which is a sensible plan. I eat so much better when I'm on WW than when I am just eating. But I agree that during chemo is not the time to diet. My weight fluctuated so much. I would gain up to 17 pounds from an infusion and lose it in a couple of days. It was really bizarre.

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    I was just like you, hungry all the time and my Dr. said that sometimes people will gain weight on chemo because of the steriods. They make you hungry and boy was I hungry. But, I lost 25lbs after my surgery and chemo and have stayed at that weihght. If you want to stay where you are I would suggest eating fish, and vegetables. I am a person that really loves to snack so sometimes for a healthy option I have canned beets with some vinegar, hummus and crackerss, olives and I also love rice, I can eat it every day.
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    Another snack
    So I just thought of another snack idea that is soooo good. You peel a banana wrap it in clear plastic wrap (cellophane) and freeze it. It tastes so good like thick ice cream. Try it and I bet you will like it.