this man of mine is crazy

Guy I've been with jorge for 24 years and he has never asked for ice in anything he drinks this man would drink warm beer on a hot day and now he has done 2 rounds of folfox and oxy. And he is asking for ice in his drinks this man is backwards. I'm done trying to understand him but all I know is he is nuts .hugs to all Tina


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    I have given up to

    I have given up to understand man a long time ago. I survived 2 husbands and was the only caregiver for them both when they became ill. Now I am in another relationship with a wonderful man. Just go with the flow and SMILE. The more they rant the bigger my smile.It helps me not to get angry and it gives them the idea that I love them and care. Sometimes they are angry at them self and try to take it out on the person they are closest to and love the most.
    Try it out, it works for me.
    If Jorge wants ice, give him ice. Being a loving and understanding wife when your man is ill is hard, but being a caregiver is even harder because you are om the sideline and there is little you can do to ease the worry, pain and fustration.
    Many Hugs, you need them,
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    When I was on Folfox, I always tried to get back to cold drinks in my second week (the week between treatments). Somehow, I got it in my head that if I could beat back the cold sensitivity I would beat back all the neuropathy (I know, crazy).

    I would push myself to eat ice cream, and drink milk shakes, anything cold was good in that second week.

    That said, as the weeks went by it got a little harder each time, and eventually I could not even hold an ice filled glass on treatment weeks.

    Maybe Jorge will do well with this, but humor him. Once it gets bad, he will let you know.