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Hi, I noticed on one of your responses to Blood Clots, you said you were on Fragmin. I was too. I was on this for 6 months and couldn't take the shots any more. The doc told me if I go back on Avastin, I'll have to go on the shots again. Did you give the shots yourself? Did you black and blue, I was full of black and blues in the abdominal area. Any info you could give me regarding the fragmin would be most helpful. Thanks.


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    Yes, I was black and blue but the shots were given in different spot on my abdominal area. My husband gave me the shots. I found if he did just a quick stab then slow push on plunger it hurt less than pushing the medicine in fast. I was also told that the injections could be given in other fatty areas of the might check with Dr. or nurse. I chose the Fragmin because I didn't have to watch diet , check blood weekly, and could stop it without tapering off.......which was helpful when I had to have emergency surgery about half way thru my treatments for a Lipoma. The shots would sting for about 5 minutes after but then I was done for another 24 hrs. it was very hard and I cried/complained and B*%@#%tch a lot every evening but I feel in the long run it was worth it and would do it again if I had to.
    My Dr. told me that Fragmin works better in cancer patients.
    I wish you luck if you have to do it again but hope you don;t have to .
    (((HUGS))) Joan