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Hello Friends,

I know it has been quite awhile since i've been on the boards. Life has been very busy as of late for me and my dad.

My dad has been admitted into the hospice program in the last two months..Dealing with so much medical stuff.. and getting his disability started and all the roadblocks that come with that, I just couldn't find the time to come on here.

Spending some quality time and making wonderful memories have become a priority..We were told he had two months left two months ago, now told three months. Fact is the doctors just don't know.

I know he's not going to get any better Now we have placed it in gods hands where it should always have been. We haven't given up hope but we are realistic too. All the planning is underway funeral arrangements, DNR signed. All affairs are being put in order.

It has come to a point where quality is so much more important than quantity. No more chemo for us, We have agreed it's time to just enjoy what time we can.

He still is getting sick many times a day, his esophagus / stomach is completely blocked nothing can get through. Feeding tube is his only nutrition, he's becoming weaker. But we are making the best of it.

It's strange to most this would be our darkest hour, but it's actually the best we've seen in a long time.

I think about you all often ♥ I hope everyone is doing well.

So here we face the next step of the journey when the almighty decides it's time to proceed.


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    this backwardly beautiful process
    It's so good to hear from you -- this board has been quiet lately, probably because we have so much on our plates. Yes, the end does unfold in a backwardly beautiful process, doesn't it? My mother is giving up treatment and coming to peace with the fact that her life is ending. Her anger and rage are giving way to acceptance and peace. Sometimes she'll look at me or squeeze my hand and it's so sweet, like she's melting into a soft puddle of love.