I've had fairly high fevers for the last two months. Some of them have been attributed to a problem I was having with my kidney and two UT infections. I've been on antibiotics for three weeks, which cleared up the infections but has still left me with fevers. My oncologist is now attributing them to the cancer.....the inflamation it causes. I work every day and am trying to cope with this the best I can.

I'd love to hear from others who have had similar experiences. My doctor just put me on Celebrex to lower the inflation and the fevers, but it seems to have a minimal effect.




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    fever for sometime now
    Hi- my mom was recently diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer and she also is experiencing some fever. The doctors have checked to see if there is an infection but it turns out is not. I have a friend of mine who is a cancer nurse and I told her that for the fever we combine acetaminophen and ibuprofen which I think is tylenol and motrin (just look for the ingredients) and the fever goes away. My mom gets the fever specially at night and that's when she takes acetaminophen and motrin.

    I hope that you get better specially because you have to continue working. These medicines you can buy them over the counter.

    God Bless