HPV transmission????????

monty gizmo
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Is my partner at risk?????????????
Should he be tested. I understand their is a blood test for HPV. If anyone has the name of the test please advise. Thanks


  • mp327
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    Hi Monty
    Sex partners of those with HPV are at risk for contracting the virus. However, there is no blood test to detect HPV. Woman find out they have it through smears taken at the time of their pap tests. The only test a man can receive currently to detect HPV is an anal pap smear. Obviously, that test is only done on men who are at high risk for HPV (men who have sex with men).
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    I asked my oncologist about
    I asked my oncologist about this when I was first diagnosed. I was worried about my husband. My oncologist said half the people in the United States have the HPV virus and it's only a very small percentage of those people who will develop anal cancer. Your husband (or partner) most likely does have the virus, but I wouldn't dwell on him developing anything because of you. Actually, he may have had it already when you first got together, unless he was a virgin at the time.