Please pray for Ayumi.....

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Okay guys, I'm going through a rough time with a very close friend named Ayumi, recently she and he has been diagnosed with a grade 4 head Tumor "Glioblastoma multiforme". Ayumi is currently going through a rough time, and I've been talking to her non-stop all day and night till late into the morning from 7-5 am. After this week is done, I won't be able to see nor talk to her for a very long time, or maybe forever, so I know what to expect, After this week, she will be heading on over to the hospital for her "Craniology" so after this week I won't be seeing her anymore, it's almost time to say my good-byes then pray everyday for her, and etc.

It's really hard to have the idea in your head that forces you to let go of someone who's made an impact on your life, but I don't know what to expect even though in my broken heart I just pray so hard, that a miracle will happen, so I'm keeping strong till the very end with her. She is currently 18 years old with a lot of potential in life. So please, support her in anyway you can by helping us obtain information for other treatments, or if you know a clinical practice out there that has promising results, please do tell.

Thank you again, I love you all, for those I know and don't know, I really appretiate it. Please if you have any information or hope if ANY, in the USA, please tell me, for I can tell my friend her options, that might change the course of this deadly tumor. I know there are many stories similar to mine, so now I know the pain of what it's like to watch someone dieing. If theres a god out there please give her a miracle and a second chance. I want to keep staying by her side like she did for me. Please pray for her and all the others who have this unfortunate tumor, I pray for all of you and my heart goes out to all of you! Bless your hearts, i will continue looking for research that might of be of use to those in need!

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