Both Parents Suffered Cancer

When I was 17, my mom died of breast cancer. When I was 42, my father died of prostate cancer. Cancer is all I have known since the age of 5. Premature death has been looming over my head since I can remember. Less than 2 years after losing my dad, the guy who knew me best, I find it very hard to make much sense in all that we do while making ends meet. I love my wife and kids so much, and I am dedicated to them. But, everything else and my interactions with other people seem like such a game, such B.S. Sort of feel like I'm falling into a Holden-Caufield attitude towards everyone/everything. This clarity feels like a curse.


  • grandmafay
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    I am sorry you have suffered such losses to cancer. The lesson I took from my hisband's six year battle and death from cancer was that we don't know how much time we have. We need to try to make each moment count. I try to remember to let the little things and the bs go. It's not worth my precious time. My husband and I built many good memories in those last 6 years. I am trying to move forward and continue making memories with my family and friends. Try to find the positives in your life like your family. Time really is precious. Make memories with those you love. Fay