Peripheral Neuropathy..can vitamin B-1 help?..

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Read an article in Sunday's paper in the PEOPLE'S Pharmacy column by Joe & Terry Graedon...I believe you can google this, also...
It states that the compound, benfotiamine, a synthetic form of thiamine ( vitamin B-1 ) has been used in Germany to treat peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes....a physician says the dose is 300 mg twice a day to start; maintenance is 150 mg twice a day...Benfotiamine is available without a prescription; not all pharmacies carry it though....

Although this was directed for PN in diabetics, it maybe worth discussing with your physician for PN after chemo, surgery. Etc....

I don't have PN but this article caught my eye as I know there are pink sisters on this board who do suffer from always check with your physician before starting anything! Maybe this can help though...

Hugs, Nancy


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    B-1 Vitamin
    Developed neuropathy in both hands and feet from Taxol. Oncologist prescribed B-Complex as well as 1000 mg/day of B-1 (available by prescription only at this strength). He did not want me to take any other medication, such as Gabapentin, until I was way past chemo since I had a hard time. Did not prevent me from having a bad case of it. At one time I could hardly hold a pen in my hand. I am still taking B-complex plus Gabapentin, since I also have chronic nerve pain from lymph node removal. Both hands are somewhat better, also the right foot, but my left one is bad. Still, if Dr. agrees, why not try the vitamin route?
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    Thanks Nancy!

    Thanks Nancy!
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    Good information! Thanks
    Good information! Thanks Nancy!