Gyno Oncologist Surgeon or Gyno Surgeon?

Hi Everyone,

Im going to talk to my gyno today and i think she is planning on doing the hystrectomy. What are your opinions? A friend of my who is a nurse says its just routine and they will do the slides for the pathology then you can take them to one of the big hospitals in Chicago and meet with a gyno onco? Im not sure if Im confortable with that? She said it would take a while to get an appt. with a gyno onco surgeon. Help?
Catching all the good vibes!
PS I go for my first CT scan this am. Im just a newbie.


  • kkstef
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    I would definitely see a GYN Oncologist! They have more expertise related to cancer.

    Good luck with your CT scan. Be sure to get copies of all reports(surgical reports, pathology reports, scans, etc.) and keep in your own notebook as you will want that for future reference. Also, easy to make copies if you go for a second opinion!

    Bet wishes!
  • norma2
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    Definitely go for a gynecologist/oncologist
    I am sure your gynecologist is a good one. However, in matters of cancer I would opt for the expert in the field. Do some research. If you can at all swing it go to a place that specializes in cancer. I was lucky enough to be 1 hour away from MD Anderson in Houston. Had my surgery, staging, and treatments there.

    I had a choice and thought it best to go for the place that had the experience. I do not regret it. From what I understand the surgery and debulking is so important in treatment. I was lucky the doctor I had is the one who wrote the book on debulking. (Debulking is the process during surgery where they do a thorough search for any visible cancer and remove it.)

    We are here with you every step of the way, sweetie. You are not alone. There are many of us holding your hand. You will be fine. Norma
  • Kaleena
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    Yes. Go with a gyne/onc.
    Yes. Go with a gyne/onc. So what if the appointment is long, but usually most gyn/onc office will take a new patient earlier. Usually within two weeks. It is normal to take the slides with you to visit with a new doctor.

    The reason you want a gyn/onc doing the hysterectomy is that they are familiar with the sights of cancerous organs and the like. They are also more experienced with fixing nicks and things that may happen during surgery.

    Sending you positive vibes!

    I hope all went well with your CT Scan. What flavor did you get to drink? Remember after you are home to drink a lot of water/fluids to help get rid of the stuff out of your system. Did you get contrast too? If so, isn't that such a weird feeling.

    Comforting thoughts are with you!