Insurance Issues and Costs

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Hello Everyone-

I just stumbled over this website and SO HAPPY!!!

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis Cancer October 2010. I was unemployed at the time and still have not found a permanent job. However, my COBRA just ended and it has been a challenge to find health insurance. (Obama does have a reduction for COBRA-- Mine would have been $400+/month but instead it was $140.) Does anyone know where you can get guaranteed insurance that is affordable? I have found where you have to wait 6 months of being uninsured in order to be eligible. Also, BCBS did not notify until about 45 days after my COBRA exhausted where I did not qualify for Direct Pay, which you have to get by the 31st day. I want to keep my same doctors. I am in IL.



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    That is the million dollar question - Affordable insurance
    I live in MO and the laws are different for each state. The first thing is my question to you, "Have you past 63 days of no coverage from your termination date?" If you haven't past the 63 days, an insurance carrier will have to cover you for all pre-existing conditions.

    You should have received a "Letter of Creditable Coverage" also. You will need this to go into another plan. You previous carrier should have sent it to you.

    Each state also has a high risk pool. You might want to check that out too.