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Hello everyone,

I had my sugery wednesday afternnon, a laproscopic partial nephrectomy using davinci robot. The margins were clear, and all tests were fine. They are now staining to see if it is clear cell, chromophobe, or papillary. The tumor by CT was 2.9 but actual sive was a little over 3 cm, cant remember exact size.

I do not have too much pain, and am able to walk slowly. I am taking 1 pain pill every 4-6 hours, and I did have one very rough day/night in the hospital. It is good to be home.



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    Hi BG

    I was shocked after my nephrectomy how much it hurt to walk!

    Im glad your home and not doing too badly.

    Love and hugs

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    pain meds
    Do try to stay ahead of the pain. It's harder to bring down if it gets too far ahead of you. The pain meds take away your appetite, but do try to drink lots of water.