diagnosis stag iv

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I found out today that mothers ec is stage iv. Wow , hard to believe. She says that she feels fine , no symptoms ?? The endoscopy test showed that it was positive for around the bottom throat , a knot on her collarbone and in the middle esaphagus. SOoo , next week she is meeting with radiology?? , her oc , and in all this her oc office is trying to get her an appointment in the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville , FL , oh yea a port put in also. I really hope that this happen yesterday. I tried to tell her that 2 weeks ago , well now hopefullly it wont be anorther 2 weeks to get in Mayo . I have seen both bad and good in this , what ever the out come im here to stay and will also be a voice for someone to hear. Please pray as i am going to start writing names and your in my prayers too. Ya'll give it to me straight shot no chaser please -