Want to chat with professionals at a world reknown cancer hospital for free online?

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I have mentioned this before but it was awhile ago and it bears mentioning again I think.

I live in Canada and was treated in part at our biggest cancer hospital
called Princess Maragret Hospital in Toronto Ontario Canada.

They have a site, like this one, that has an additional feature in that they
hold regular meetings online on a variety of topics, moderated by professionals
in the cancer field who work in that hospital. The site comes right out of the
hospital. Topics they have include radiation therapy issues you might have, chemo therapy issues, emotional issues, various cancer type issues etc. They have a
schedule of the meetings and topics on the site.

I have just come from one of the meetings on radiation and it was very interesting. It costs nothing to attend the meetings and you can ask whatever you like on the subject, have access to professionals in the cancer field for nothing but your time. I am mentioning this because I really think many of you could benefit by the expertise.

Check it out and let me know what you think. The site is at:

Cancer is cancer no matter what the country so it's a universal site like this one is.

Hope you find it as helpful as I have.