Half Way Through and Counting Down

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Hi Everyone, It has been awhile since I posted and alot has happen. My last day at work was the 15th. I am still driving to my Rad Tx but probably starting next week I will have my brother drive me.

My Doctor said my numbers from my blood test were great, right where they should be. I am making it pretty good on the sores. News Alert: I was going broke buying the Aquaphor so I tried Walmart's Equate Advance Healing Ointment. Ingredients are the same and it does the same job at 1/2 the cost.

My rectum is starting to get a little sore but doctor said I will probably have blisters and sores next week. Buying a had held shower for my bath tub to use when I need it.

My Chemo doctor told me that I would not loose my hair but I would shed. I have a lot of hair but I started "shedding" Saturday 2 weeks after chemo. If I keep it up I will not have any hair left so I went yesterday and bought a wig just in case.

Picc line is doing great. My Chemo nurse took the stitches out and but a sticky patch on my arm to hold the line. It is working great.

My thoughts are getting a little scattered now. I feel like I am all over the place with this update. Oh well, you all will understand.

I start my chemo again on the 1st of August. I am not looking forward to that.

Question???????????? I asked my radiation doctor how they would tell if the cancer was gone and he held up his index finger and said "This is the best tool I have" He said he would check me after my 28th treatment and he will be able to tell if there are any cells left. If so I will have 3 - 5 more treatments.

I didn't know what to say so I just nodded. I thought I would get another PET scan. How did you all find out if you were in remission?

I have to go. my brain is a little mushy right now. Thanks to all you earthbound angels and God Bless You.



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    HI Cindy--
    Thanks for the information about the Equate ointment. I use their lotion and really like it--so much better than the more expensive brands. I'm glad to hear you and the picc line are getting along okay, but sorry to hear you are shedding. I lost quite a bit of hair and mine was thin to begin with.

    None of my docs did a digital rectal exam on me until about 2 weeks after my treatment was finished. I had my first post-treatment PET scan a month after treatment ended (med onc wanted it that soon, while rad onc would have preferred to wait 3 months). It showed less activity, but still some. To this day, 3 years out, I still have some minor activity in the anal area but it's always described as inflammation. Scopes and rectal exams have been normal.

    Best wishes to you as you continue through the last half of your treatments. You are wise to have someone else do the driving from here on. As you know, the road will get a little bumpy from here on, but you can make it! All of us here are cheering you on!
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    Hello there!
    It's great to hear from you, Cindy. It sounds as if you are doing well all things considered!!!
    Regarding your question . . . .

    Hmmm. Of course, it's important that you trust your doctor. However, if ANYone came near me with their 'finger' after at my 28th treatment I would have dismembered that finger and shoved it up THEIR butt. :) I've never heard of this and obviously this isn't the route my doctor's took. I can only tell you what my doctors told me and that is:

    "Following your last radiation treatment (30), we will schedule you a PET in 7 weeks. That gives inflamed tissues time to settle down and the chemo and radiation time to do their thing. (It continues working after the final treatment.) We will also conduct a digital exam at that point."

    And that's what they did. Write down questions to ask him and my first one would be about the PET scan. Others on this board will share their ideas as well. Again, I'm so glad to hear from you and let us know how you are doing.

    Bright blessings to you, Cindy!

    (After reading Martha's post I remembered that my radiation onc did a digital exam two weeks after treatment ended as well. Then a PET as described above.)
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    Hello, and your doing well it seems. I think I had a pet scan at 3 months post treatment, but also the digital rectal exam. I didn't like that because I was sore of course, but it is done quickly. I know the 2nd week of chemo wasn't as bad as the 1st because I only had the myto infusion on the 1st chemo day. I too shedded my hair and didn't lose all of it, but it did get rather thin. I have all my hair back and then some at 2 years post treatment. I wish you well and I hope the rest of the time will go by quickly and you will be on your way to healing. Lori