Soy consumption? Controlling hot flushes?

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I was wondering what your doctors have told you about eating SOY.
My onco told me, after surgery, to stay away from it.
I try my best not to consume any, but almost everything has soy as ingredient, including protein power.
I am definitely going to ask my onco in my next appointment, but I am just curious.

In the last few weeks, my hot flushes are taking place more often and lasting longer. I am guessing is the cumulative effect of chemo, since I am almost done (one more treatment!).
Do you guys know of anything that might help to diminish the intensity and frequency of ht flushes?


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    I avoid soy
    My breast cancer was estrogen receptor positive and we assume the endo cancer was as well. I asked my medical oncologist about soy when I was first diagnosed. She said recent studies did not support that the phytoestrogens produced by soy were a problem in ER+ breast cancer, but she told me to be sensible anyway. Just about any prepared food has soy it seems. So I avoid most prepared foods except when I don't. It's a good reason to eat only fresh stuff or something you've prepared yourself and frozen. I like to cook so for me there's no problem with that. She also said to enjoy Chinese food on occasion. I do and when I do, I do, but I don't have it often. Avoiding soy is a great excuse to not eat tofu! Or soy milk. Etc.

    I've heard that some antidepressants (Effexor) are very effective at controlling hot flashes.