Ovarian cancer and Endrometrosis

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Is there a link between ovarian cancer and endrometrosis? (I have no idea how to spell that word LOL! Hopefully you ladies will know what I am talking about) I have read where several women with end. also developed ovarian cancer. My sister talked to a couple of nurses who said they had never heard of that. I know I read it from more than one source. Does anyone on here know? Thanks.


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    Not me. No endometriosis
    Not me. No endometriosis here.

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    This question was posted on this board recently. It seems that a number of people here have had endomtriosis, me included. But not everyone here has had it. I have read that endometriosis increases the odds of having ovarian cancer. I actually had some active endometriosis identified during my debulking surgery.
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    I posted sometime ago, looking for a connection between endo and OVCA. I will have to look again at my initial surgical reports, but I do believe reference was made to endo for my first OVCA surgery. I'll get back to you.
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    Yes, they are beginning to believe there is a link between endo and ovarian cancer. That doesn't meant that if you have endo you will get ovarian cancer or that if you don't have endo that you won't get ovarian cancer. But there is a higher percentage of ovarian cancer patients with endometriosis than there is in the general population. If you google endometriosis and ovarian cancer you will find a lot of articles about it. I had severe endoemtriosis diagnosed when I was 27. At the time what research I did said there was no link. I developed ovarian cancer last year, I was 39 at the time. Here is a quote from the ovarian cancer association,

    "there is a mounting body of evidence that supports the idea that women who do develop endometriosis are at a higher risk for eventually experiencing ovarian cancer, especially if the mass developed in one of the ovaries."